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AC2 2351 Well it's fairly obvious that you can't go back to the plant, innit?' agreed his platinum blonde flatmate Deirdre.

AC2 2356 Well, it's 'ome like, where all yer friends are, innit?,

C9R 532 One of the children might say, `Coo, innit good.

C9R 533 Good ole mum -- innit good.'

C9R 534 `Innit' is not in the dictionary, but it is said and understood.

CBC 14589 Boring, innit?

CD1 1845 `Pride, innit?

CD1 1881 `Posh, this place, innit?' he said, examining the ashtray, which was green and gold like everything else and fashioned in the shape of an ivy leaf, so elegant that smokers might be deterred from depositing ash in it.

CD1 2014 Better, innit, than having to ask Our Leader?'

CEF 1732 It's social, innit?

CEH 1789 `Well, no, but it's late now, innit?

CEH 1823 `Stupid, innit, the way you can lose your way in the dark, 'specially in a strange place?'

CEH 2029 It's still a free country, innit?

CEH 2212 Smashin', innit?'

CEH 2824 `Well then, that's fine, innit?

CEH 2881 `It's a ouija board, innit?'

CEH 2964 Even her name's funny, innit?'

CEH 2980 `An' it's still me birthday, innit, and if we're not too late for the transport into Craigiebur, I've got a spare ten bob I feel like spendin'.

CEH 3558 `This is a bugger of a war, innit?