Some problems

Computers bring a wonderful new world, so what's the problem?

  • Human sciences are a multi-actor area: universities, archives, libraries, museums, publishers are targeting the education market, using information technology each in their own way.
  • Too little communication: every man for himself, reinvention of wheels.
  • The 'Matthew effect': Those who have, will be given more ...
  • Little transfer of research results to education.
  • Solutions by one person in one place have insufficient leverage.
  • The Web is changing from an academic channel to a shopping mall.  E-books and pay-per-view will not work for serious scholars.
  • Copyright issues and cost of digital editions.
  • Teaching staff in the humanities need as much training as students for using information and communication technology.
  • Degrees and courses integrating computing in humanities vary widely between institutions (cf. Survey on CL Education in Europe).
  • Many languages are insufficiently 'digitized' and standardization for language and text encoding is still developing.  This is especially critical for lesser used and Third World languages.
... can we solve this together?