Support structures for humanities computing

Institutions offer different levels of support:

  • No dedicated support (even if activities are present, e.g. Joensuu, Duisburg)
  • Support for humanities computing at a general computing centre (e.g. Sheffield)
  • Support at a dedicated humanities computing centre (e.g. HCU, Oxford) - see their objectives
  • Institutes and research centres for humanities computing (e.g. IATH, Virginia)
  • Departments and degrees for humanities computing (e.g. Bergen)
  • Centres for computing in humanities education (e.g. MIT-CECI)
  • National initiatives (e.g. CTI centres, UK)

International infrastructures for humanities computing

  • Text Encoding Initiative (TEI): first a project, now becoming incorporated on two continents
  • Resource agencies: e.g. European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
  • Learned societies (e.g. ALLC): are becoming interested in education...