Edition philology

How do digital scholarly text editions differ from printed ones?
  • careful text coding, enabling:
  • multiple views and versions
  • searchability

Case: Wittgenstein Archives

  • 20,000 manuscript pages digitized in 5 years, and indispensible reference for students and researchers.
  • Fully searchable, with variant control, word lists and multiple viewpoints for students:
  • A detailed diplomatic version keeps as much detail from the original as possible, including deletions, overwritings, substitutions, spelling mistakes and so on.
  • A simplified normalised version provides a 'readable' transcription. Only the last changes count, spelling is corrected and normalised.
  • Example: 115 Volume XI. "Philosophische Bemerkungen" (1933-1936)

  • Simultaneous browsing in Folio view; Web browser view