Meeting at Northern College, Sep. 29 - Oct. 1, 2000


Anders Eriksson, Mike Rosner, Mark Tatham

Througout this document:

A. Consistency of appearance

  1. Screen Resolution:
  2. Banner Panel
  3. Top Menu
  4. Main Panel
  5. Left Menu Panel
  6. Navigation Panel
B. Forms
  1. Appearance

  2. Forms are used to gather input data (a) for queries, (b) for registration of sites, courses, materials, for logging in etc. All forms should have a consistent appearance concerning the position and style of
  3. Functionality
C. Future Updates: Version Numbers

Currently, there is a tendency for the system to evolve in an uncontrolled way so that comments or suggestions for changes made about the system at a given moment are difficult to verify or evaluate at a slightly later moment.

We suggest a simple form of version control which distinguishes between

  1. Updated content that is directly entered and modified by editors/content-providers, and
  2. Updated system software that is released by implementers.
We need to make this distinction because changes of the first kind are "continuous", take place directly whenever an editor makes a change, and are thus too frequent to merit version control beyond merely backing up the entire website periodically.

Changes of the latter kind, however, need to be more systematically organized. We propose that periodically, the system software is frozen and associated with a version number to which any comments or suggestions are then directed. The implementers will then be free to develop the next version, incorporating the comments made about the preceding version. At release of the next version, it then becomes easier to judge what has actually been achieved.

Responsible Author Mike Rosner
Last Updated: 3.10.2000