Report from Working Group 4

TNP meeting at Northern College, Sep. 29-Oct. 1, 2000

We split what was previously this WG's task into two, and reinstated WG5. Given the old wording, therefore, WG4 can be expected to produce:

Given the limited time and personnel available, we decided to concentrate on the first three items. While no policy documents as such exist as yet, work done at the weekend will facilitate the production of such materials. What we _have_ done (or continue to do) is produce webpages containing recommendations according to the following classifications:

Target: Ruediger Hoffmann/Bojan Petek Class: Florien van Beinum/Gata Ciobanu/Tom Bronsted

Given that two of the targets are EU and National bodies, the recommendations gathered by Bojan & Ruediger in those Target pages will enable the relevant policy docs to be produced.

[Q: Bojan & Ruediger: do you feel confident of being able to produce those docs from your basic list of recommendations?]

Each of the subgroup recommendation pages (SLE -- Phon above) contain (or will contain) links to recommendations on curricula from the old textual material created previously in ACO*HUM and SCS.

I commented fairly extensively on Koen's Student awareness plan, so this has been extended and updated. Please feel free to comment further on this.

As for publications and workshops, it is unclear (to me at any rate) exactly what this means. If workshops means FOLLI, ACL, Eurospeech etc, then we can easily add new webpages off the main subject pages to contain those. Otherwise clarification is needed from GB/KdS.

As for data entry into the Jewels site itself, I instructed GB/KdS that I was far from confident of being able to do so (a) given the instability of the software; (b) given that I had been granted full system access, meaning that one keystroke might delete the whole Jewels site. Given this, I said that what we _would_ do is create HTML webpages in the normal way and I would pass on to GB/KdS the topmost link for inclusion in the tool. Indeed, there seems to me no good reason for the webpages to be contained within the tool in any case; mere links should prove sufficient. Given the time available, this will be done.

I have put together a quick demo of what we might hope to achieve at:

This has been done in a hurry to give you ideas. Here click on "recommendations" and on the next page "Computational Linguistics" to see where I've put most effort (in my one-person group!!).

Once you're in:

you'll see bullet points which will point to the pages you all create yourselves on your home servers. Tell me the URLs and I'll add the links. What internal structure you add is up to you, but the Subject (i.e. SLE -- Phon) groups should have the same formatting and structure (cf my pages, for example), and the Class and Target groups should also have a similar lay-out. That's for you to discuss yourselves.

That's about it. Finish your pages and let me have the links by Fri 20th October. I'll send GB/KdS the topmost link for them to add into the Jewels site, but to reiterate, I shall not be entering any of this myself.

Hope this is all clear, Andy.

PS, My deadline gives you all ample chance to contact some of the absentees from the Sheffield meeting who are listed in your subgroups ....