ACO*HUM SOCRATES/ERASMUS Thematic Network Project on
Advanced Computing in the Humanities
Financial agreement nr. D26030-CP-1-99-1-NO-ERASMUS-ETN
Coordinating institution: Universitetet i Bergen (Norway)

Workplan of year 4: dissemination extension


CL&LE and NEL working groups

The working groups on Computational Linguistics & Language Engineering and Computing for Non-European Languages will, in cooperation with the TNP on Speech Communication Sciences and ELSNET, perform the following tasks (based on the application for this year's contract):
  1. Knowledge base. The paper publications (conference proceedings and book), together with other information collected in the life of the project, will be merged and transformed into a knowledge base, which will function as a permanent source of reference, accessible via an Internet resource using tools on the web. It will contain links to analyses, proposals and recommendations, computational resources, examples of on-line teaching and learning materials, and a database of organizations, institutions and course curricula. It is hoped that the result will become an established and recognized repository of information on the use of IT in humanities courses. Target troups will be teaching staff and educational planners.
  2. Merging TNP results. The working group on Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering and the working group on Computing for Non-European Languages will merge their results with those of the TNP on Speech Communication Sciences, to produce a common set of analyses, proposals and recommendations, especially with respect to curriculum innovation and ODL methods and covering also speech and multilinguality. Target groups will be institutions offering a wide range of natural language and speech related curricula, including multilinguality. With respect to the latter issue, a broadening of focus on the study of European and non-European languages will be undertaken, in cooperation with the TNP on Languages and in cooperation with the CAMEEL project.
  3. Student awareness. All working groups will make a plan for an information spreading and awareness raising program, targeted at students and prospective students.  The objective is better information about the possibilities for studying humanities computing to young people considering either studies in humanities or in computing. This is an exploitation action based on selected results.
  4. Continuity. The maintenance of parts of the website will be secured in cooperation with ELSNET.