During the years 1997-2000 the working group on Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) in the Socrates Network on Speech Communication Sciences have studied and written about three areas related to Network's overall task:

a. the role of Phonetics (and Speech Communication Sciences) in SLT;
b. the "scientification" of SLT by arguments for an independent scientific discipline;
c. the role of Internet and Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in the future development of SLT course content and collaboration
The following specific recommendations for communication disorders curricula are given:





Further information can be found in the following sources:


In Book 1, we analysed the state-of-the-art in educational programmes in SLT in Europe related to the issues above. (NOTE: link to Book 1, chapter Speech and Language Therapy.)

In Book 2 (NOTE: link to Book 2, chapter 5, The IntegrationÍ.) we put forward some proposals concerning the integration of Phonetics, Internet/CAL and SLE in education programmes for SLT. This chapter mainly concerns recommendations for the development of areas a, b, c mentioned above. Proposals regarding new issues are also presented, emphasising the importance of how new learning theories will affect education in SLT.

Book 3 (NOTE: link to Book 3, chapter 4) presents recommendations for Speech Communication Disorders Curricula.


We also recommend to read the educational guidelines of IALP (NOTE: link to IALP www-pages), the educational guidelines of CPLOL (NOTE: link to CPLOL www-pages) and the educational guidelines of ASHA (NOTE: link to ASHA www-pages).

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