Student awareness plan


The European language industries, as well as research projects in language and speech, are in acute need of more and higher qualified personnel.  It seems that not enough students and prospective students are aware of the opportunities for studying human language technology.  They neither know: Human language technology is an interdisciplinary and relatively new field which does not have a established place among traditional academic disciplines.  It is not taught at secondary level at all, such that it remains unknown to many students.


Students and prospective students should be provided with good and easily graspable information to increase their awareness and their motivation for studying language and speech technology subjects.

The goal is therefore to formulate concrete recommendations for national educational authorities to spread awareness by providing teachers, students, and prospective students with the information outlined above.

The recommendation will have the form of a concrete plan consisting minimally of:

National authorities are expected to implement the plan by adapting it to various national or regional contexts (language, educational system, etc.) and carry out actions which directly target the intended audiences.