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What is JEWELS?  

Here there should be drop-down menus to indicate language switch (at least for starting pages). Multilingual access should be a major feature of the site.
Technical responsibility: VDIVDE-IT
Responsible authors for translations: Jewels partners

Welcome to the Joint European Website for Education in Language and Speech.

The site is currently under development. In a few months from now you will find here a great resource with:

  • Links to most European departments that provide courses in
    - Phonetics
    - Spoken Language Engineering
    - Computational Linguistics
    - Communication Disorders
  • A search facility for sites and courses in these areas in Europe
  • A database with state-of-the-art materials and tools that can be used for eduation
  • Recommendations for the contents of studies

Responsible authors: Gerrit Bloothooft and Koenraad de Smedt