Resource Discovery and Metadata

A workshop for creators and users of information resources in the humanities, exploring the different approaches to resource discovery and the use of metadata. The workshop will provide an overview of how resources can be documented to allow them to be 'discovered', in particular focusing on metadata systems for the humanities. A range of practical implementations will be discussed from high-level, cross-disciplinary descriptions such as Dublin Core metadata, to more rich (often subject specific) descriptions, such as the TEI header and the (Social Sciences) Codebook DTD. In addition, time will be spend on the principles of mapping different metadata standards. Part of the workshop will be used for hands-on exploration of gateways and the associated metadata.

Speakers will include:

Equipment: Computers for participants with Netscape 4 and Internet connections; Computer with projector and MS-Powerpoint installed for speaker(s).

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Belinda Maia
Finn Bostad
Elisabeth Burr
Cressida Chappel
Oscar Struijve
Astrid Wissenburg
Harold Short
Dag Tjemsland
Espen Ore
Serge Yablonsky
Guy De Pauw
Hilde Bøe
Knut Hofland