Towards a European Infrastructure for IT teaching in History

Jan Oldervoll
Departement of History
University of Bergen, Norway

Teaching IT skills in History - and teaching the skill to teach these skills - suffers from the very fragmented nature in which knowledge about it is spread. Very good networks between persons active in the field for a long time do actually exist, but, particularly in recent years, they have frequently not been as visible to newcomers, as would have been desirable. Traditionally these networks among the computer using communities of the historical disciplines have traditionally been based on professional associations and / or the well established conference series, going on for more than twenty years now.

As this structure, as mentioned, seems to have more and more difficulties to reach the younger cohorts of computer using historians, it is proposed to concentrate on the creation of a network of events for the teaching of both, IT usage in history, as well as teaching the teaching of IT usage in history, which should be accompanied by a systematic discussion of the curriculum necessary for both.

This network will offer both, short surveys over activities which have been going on so far, as well as introductions to a number of concepts for supra-local and supra-national structures to teach the skills indicated.

To provide some general background, all participants to this workshop will, at the conference desk, receive reports on curricular discussions on the teaching of IT in history in the early nineties. Due to the rapid development of the field, most of the contributions of these two booklets are not directly relevant anymore. They are intended to provide an introduction into the most general types of argumentation in a discourse, which has been going on for much longer than is commonly perceived, so we can avoid to cover well known ground again.

The workshop is linked to the History working group of ACO*HUM (

Minutes from the workshop


Ingo Kropac
Hjørdis Otnheim
Manfred Thaller
Bente Opheim
Jan Oldervoll
Janette Plum