September 25-28, 1998

Aim of the conference

  The digital media are plugging into our language and culture. This convergence of computing and the humanities requires learning new knowledge and skills. Keeping up with the developments requires:
  1. continued training of scholars 
  2. development and application of specific computing approaches for the humanities
  3. integration of ICT and application of computing tools in the process of knowledge transfer
The challenge is formidable and transgresses national boundaries so that any approach must have a strong international dimension. The conference intends to disseminate ongoing projects and act as an information broker at an international level between the various audience groups. The objective is to build a bridge between research and educational practice.
  The conference concerns:
  1. university and faculty staff working with academic development 
  2. national and international planners working with university reform
  3. project leaders, academic staff involved in curriculum innovation and ODL projects
  4. organizations with strong humanities content (libraries, museums, archives)
  5. electronic media publishers and educational software developers