Report on the second meeting of the ACO*HUM working group on Computing for Non-European Languages

Paris, January 30-31, 1998

Present at the meeting:

The meeting was in cooperation with CAMEEL. The following decisions and recommendations were made:


J. de D. Karangwa is going to chase up the partners who have not answered the questionnaire, the deadline to data collecting being February 28, 1998. He will prepare a final report concerning the inquiry and will circulate it among the partners, with a comprehensive analysis and conclusions.

The report will also be sent to K. De Smedt and the members of the NEL working group in ACO*HUM.

Modules proposal

The modules proposal by A. Hurskainen were examined and some minor additions were made. He shall circulate a revised version of it. In this revised version, it will be indicated too which modules could be locally organized.

Teaching material

WEB sites

Pages about CAMEEL will be hosted by "Lansa". All the information concerning the Master's and the project should be available on the Web (questionnaires, reports, revised modules, renewal of application...).

The ACO*HUM pages will cross-link to this site.

Leaflet and Guide

M. Toscano is going to complete the leaflet and A. Hurskainen will prepare the first draft of the guide.

Future implementations

In order to sensitize academic and administrative authorities in each partner university, it was decided that the core group would prepare an information package containing the history of the Cameel project, the draft of the study guide, the leaflet, the proposal for study modules, a draft of the application form for students, a draft of the certificate. So as to finalize that information package, the core group will meet on 24-26 May 1998 in Naples.

Paris, February 4 1998