E. Other issues

E.1 Needs of disadvantaged people

The attention given to ODL is designed to maximize the accessibility of the courseware produced within the ACO*HUM network. This will produce benefits over traditional teaching methods, especially for people who are disadvantaged due to motor handicaps, where distance to classrooms would otherwise be a problem. In addition, the teaching aids will, by their nature, allow self-paced study, which offers benefits to people whose handicap is incompatible with a traditional fixed learning pace.

E.2 Equal opportunities

In recent years, the humanities have generally had a majority of female students as well as a rising percentage of female staff. Therefore the present project opens up significant opportunities for the massive participation of women in the field of computing, where they have been seriously underrepresented in the past. Furthermore, the ACO*HUM network is committed to the extension of advanced computing to the undergraduate student population, which up to now, as a whole, has not been given access to the same computing resources as graduate students and staff.