Financial agreement number: 26030-CP-2-97-1-NO-ETN

Part 2: Description of project activities

2.1 Summary of activities undertaken

The main time-bound activities undertaken in this year, in reverse chronological order, are the following.
Start and end dates type aims locations expected benefits outcomes and results partners responsible other organizations involved
September 25-28, 1998 Conference "The Future of the Humanities in the Digital Age" Discussion forum, dissemination Bergen Discussion, dissemination Book of abstracts, also available on website Univ. of Bergen,
all conference participants
Ministry of Education, Norway, City of Bergen
September 1, 1997-September 25, 1998 Preparation of the conference Sending out invitation and programme Bergen Wide participation at conference Conference infrastructure and materials Univ. of Bergen,
all conference participants
Ministry of Education, Norway, City of Bergen
September 11, 1998 TS working group meeting Planning workshops and panels for FutureHum conference Glasgow Activity at conference; plans for 1998-1999 3 workshops Univ. of Bergen, TS working group members none
July 9, 1998 TS working group meeting Checking the status for the working group, organizing the work for 1998-99 Debrecen Plans for the work in 1998-99 Plans for workshops in Sep. 1998. Meeting planned in Glasgow in September 1998. Possible collaboration with other organizations on curricula research Univ. of Bergen, TS working group members, ALLC none
July 5-10, 1998 Presentation and discussion at ALLC-ACH'98 conference Contacting partners, progress in curricula work Debrecen Progress in curricula work, growing knowledge of the ACO*HUM network Minutes, to be published; contact with non-European organizations Univ. of Bergen, ALLC ACH
May 23-31, 1998 NEL working group meeting Preparations for conference and start of the Masters programme Napoli integrate NEL further in TNP minutes; proposal for Masters NEL working group members none
May 11-12, 1998 Participation at TNP coordinators meeting review status, coordinate Brussel prepare next year programme report by Philippe Ruffio University of Bergen EC DG XXII
March 26, 1998 BITE conference presentation dissemination Maastricht understanding in wider community paper University of Bergen, University of Tilburg none
March 9, 1998 presentation at SIU conference Making it work policy discussion Bergen discussing in international education forum oral presentation University of Bergen SIU
February 6 - March 17 definition of ODL pilots testing ODL Utrecht, Bergen, Madrid, Göteborg, Saarbrücken experience with ODL in thematic network ODL showcase funded by ELSNET Universities of Bergen, Saarbrücken, Göteborg, UNED ELSNET
January 30-31, 1998 NEL working group meeting preparation of Masters degree Paris prepare Masters degree programme minutes University of Napoli (IUO), U. of Helsinki, INALCO, ULB, RUL none
January 29, 1998 NODALIDA conference presentation dissemination København presentation of TNP in Computational Linguistics community paper Universities of Bergen, Trondheim (NTNU) none
November 20-22, 1997 EAIE conference participation conference participation Barcelona understanding of international education strategies none University of Bergen EAIE
November 2 Third steering committee meeting evaluation of Policy Symposium, strategic decisions Granada TNP strategy for coming years minutes University of Bergen, Steering Committee members (see web page) none
November 1-2, 1997 Policy Symposium TNP strategic planning Granada TNP strategy for coming years minutes See participants list in minutes none
October 15-16, 1997 1st European Thematic Network Forum participation conference participation, discussion Dublin discussion of TNPs  contributions to forum, see DG XXII web page University of Bergen THENUCE, EC DG XXII
October 14, 1997 Presentation at Dublin City U. contact with other TNP Dublin establishing common ground understanding of complementarity University of Bergen, DCU none
October 11, 1997 NEL working group meeting establishment of new NEL working group Vico Equense actions in area of non-European languages minutes Universities of Bergen, Napoli, Helsinki, INALCO, ILC, SOAS, ULB, RUL none
September 29, 1997 ESPRIT information day participation establishing contact with ESPRIT programme Brussel actions in educational systems cooperation oral presentation University of Bergen EC DG XIII
September 15, 1997 Participation at TNP coordinators' meeting planning start of TNPs in second year Brussel adequate coordination of TNPs meeting materials University of Bergen EC DG XXII
September 14-17, 1997 DRH conference presentation dissemination, discussion Oxford dissemination and discussion in Textual Scholarship community discussion session Universities of Bergen, Oxford, King's College London ALLC, AHDC
September 5-6, 1997 CHArt conference presentation dissemination Newcastle dissemination in History of Art community oral presentation Birkbeck College London CHArt