Financial agreement number: 26030-CP-3-98-1-NO-ETN

Part 2: Description of project activities

2.1 Summary of activities undertaken

The main time-bound events undertaken in this year, in reverse chronological order, are listed in the table below.

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Start and end dates type aims locations expected benefits outcomes and results partners responsible other organizations involved
September 24, 1999 Steering Committee meeting evaluate third project year; prepare dissemination project London continuation of activities, coordination with ALLC strategy minutes; working plan for next year Steering Committee partners, ALLC none
July 21-22, 1999 CL&LE meeting evaluation of ELSNET pilots; Manchester cooperation with ELSNET ELSNET evaluation report; update of chapter draft UMIST, DCU, Univ. of Bergen ELSNET
June 28-29, 1999 TS working group meeting preparation of the chapter London finalization of chapter draft minutes TS working group partners none
May 8-9, 1999 Steering committee meeting follow up on evaluation Bologna discuss future of the TNP minutes, including plans for the future Steering committee partners,
April 25-26, 1999 NEL working group meeting coordinate working group activities Paris finalization of chapter draft minutes, final chapter outline NEL working group partners none
April 23-24, 1999 FM working group meeting coordinate working group activities Paris finalization of chapter draft minutes, final chapter outline FM working group partners none
March 1 - April 30, 1999 CL & LE survey get update on CL situation in Europe Web basis for analysis and recommendations report on survey results CL & LE working group partners none
February 2, 1999 Working group coordinators meeting coordinate publication structure Bergen streamlined chapter structure in publication agreement on book and chapter structure Univ. of Bergen none
January 8-10, 1999 CL&LE working group meeting work on publication and planning of joint activities Soesterberg progress on publication chapter layout and writing plan,
CL & LE working group partners TNP on Speech Communication Sciences
December 2-3, 1998 Evaluation meeting assessment Bergen evaluation of the TNP performance evaluation report EEDS, Univ. of Bergen none
November 23, 1998 10th EAIE conference participation dissemination Stockholm wider awareness presentation in TNP session Univ. of Bergen, EAIE none
November 20, 1998 meeting with ALLC representative planning for afterlife of project London continuation of network activities, dissemination statement of interest from ALLC Univ. of Bergen, ALLC none
October 21-24, 1998 NEL working group meeting planning activities for current year Brussels plans and delegation of responsibilities minutes NEL working group partners CAMEEL
September 29, 1998 Steering Committee meeting evaluate conference; prepare current year activities Bergen adjustment of workplan for 1998/99 minutes Steering Committee partners none
September 26, 1998 TS Working group meeting Organizing the work for 1998/99 Bergen plans for the work in 1998/99 minutes TS working group partners,
September 10, 1998 panel at DRH '98 conference dissemination Glasgow dissemination and discussion of project activities report from panel discussion TS working group partners, ALLC none