Any other ideas can you share with others in the network?

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  • Linköpings universitet
    Department of Computer and Information Science, Natural Language Processing Laboratory :

    The views expressed are my personal views only; in particular they should not be read as expressing official policies or views of Linköping university. I restrict my answers to what I take to be my area of expertise, i.e. computational linguistics and its relations to general linguistics and the language professions.

  • University of Exeter
    Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture :

    From a British perspective, it is often hard to get away from the continuing shortage of finance and other resources which governs everything we do, or can't do. It's important for that not to only be a negative factor - we have to remember the strengths we have as well. The ideas, imagination and talent for making use of advanced computing and other approaches are all available, so the challenge is to find some way of using these resources in spite of the shortage of others.