ACO*HUM Textual Scholarship and Humanities Computing


First year (Sep. 1996 - Sep. 1997)

1. Establishing the area working group

Start: Sept. 1, 1996. End: Oct. 31 1996.

Aim: to establish a working group with members from participating institutions in different EU and EEA countries.

Outcomes and results: The group has been established.

Partner responsible: University of Bergen

Other organisations/contacts involved: University of Tübingen, Germany, University of Udine, Italy, King's College, UK, Oxford University, UK, University of Joensuu, Finland.

2. Working group meeting

Start: Dec. 2, 1996. End: Dec 3, 1996.

Type of activity: Meeting

Aims: To identify the issues involved in computers and textual scholarship, and to identify areas for the group's future work.

Location: London

Outcomes and results:

a) An overview of how - if at all - humanities computing in general, and especially that related to textual scholarship is taught at universities in the countries represented at the meeting.

b) A list of key skills and knowledge areas inviolved in computing in textual scholarship.

Partners responsible: King's College, London - UK, University of Bergen, Norway.

3. Teaching humanities computing in European Universities - a survey

Start: Dec. 2, 1996. End: Ongoing.

Type of activity: Fact gathering and dissemination.

Aims: To establish on the Internet a database of humanities computing courses in areas related to textual scholarship which are taught at European universities.

Expected benefits: One of the overall aims of the ACO*HUM TNP is to make recommendations for curriculae in Humanities Computing. To do this one first needs to know what exists and how it is appreciated both by ordinary commercial industry and in the academical world.

Outcomes and results: The information is now being collected.

Partners responsible: University of Bergen, Norway.

Other organizations/contacts involved: In general all ACO*HUM partners. In particular, the ALLC (Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing)

4. Post graduate teaching of humanities Computing - panel discussion

Start: May 1997 (preparations) End date: June, 1997.

Type of activity: panel discussion at the international ACH-ALLC conference.

Aims: To identify issues in higher academic teaching of humanities computing.

Location: Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Expected benefits: To benefit from the presense of a large number of experts in humanities computing in identifying important areas for curriculum recommendations.

Outcomes and results: The list of skills and areas to be included in humanities computing curriculae was extended.

Partner responsible: ALLC.

5. Presentation of ACO*HUM - panel session

Start: May 1997 (preparations) End: medio Sept. 1997

Type of activity: panel discussion and presentation of ACO*HUM.

Aims: To present and discuss ACO*HUM and its aims at the DRH '97 conference.

Location: Oxford, UK Expected benefits: as above + a discussion of the plans for ACO*HUM's work.

Partners resposible: King's College, London, UK, University of Bergen, Norway, ALLC, University of Oxford, UK.

Second year (Sep. 1997 - Sep. 1998)

1. Participation at the Policy Symposium.

Start: Nov. 1, 1997. End: Nov. 2, 1997.

Type of activity: Participation at the Policy Symposium in Granada.