International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English

ICAME is an international organization of linguists and information scientists working with English machine-readable texts. The aim of the organization is to collect and distribute information on English language material available for computer processing and on linguistic research completed or in progress on the material, to compile an archive of English text corpora in machine-readable form, and to make material available to research institutions.

The archive mentioned in the name resides at (Aksis) at University of Bergen, Norway. This acts as a distribution centre for computerized English-language corpora and corpus-related software.

ICAME publishes the ICAME Journal which appears at least once a year, with articles and information about English computer corpora. There is also an electronic information service.

Conferences, usually in May/June each year, have been arranged since 1979.
Next ICAME Conference in Helsinki May 24-28, 2006 Web site

Bengt Altenberg's ICAME bibliography (not updated any more): Part 2 ( -1989) TXT (59 KB)
Part 3 (1990-98) HTML (115 KB) RTF (145 KB) Word 6 DOC (127 KB)

The new ICAME bibliography (everybody can update this). OUT OF ORDER, WILL BE BACK SOON

ICAME's Advisory Board consists of Karin Aijmer (Gothenburg), Ann Curzan (Ann Arbor), Roberta Fachinetti (Verona), Sylviane Granger (Louvain), Stefan Th. Gries (University of California, Santa Barbara), Sebastian Hoffmann (Zürich), Marianne Hundt (Heidelberg), Graeme Kennedy (Wellington), Merja Kytö (secretary, Uppsala), Christian Mair (Freiburg), Junsaka Nakamura (Japan), Terttu Nevalainen (Helsinki), Nelleke Oostdijk (Nijmegen), Antoinette Renouf (chair, Birmingham), Pam Peters (Sydney), Elena Tognini-Bonelli (Italy). Honorary members: Henry Kucera, Stig Johansson, Jan Svartvik. Knut Hofland is Technical Secretary.

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